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With our 4 interchangeable sleeves sold separately, your LitterLocker cat litter bin becomes a stylish decorative accessory. With the odour on the inside and the attractive design on the outside, it's the best of both worlds!

LitterLocker Cat Waste Disposal
LitterLocker Cat Waste Disposal side
LitterLocker Cat Waste Disposal back
LitterLocker Cat Waste Disposal pack
LitterLocker Cat Waste Disposal drop it
LitterLocker Cat Waste Disposal lifestyle
LitterLocker Cat Waste Disposal lifestyle

LitterLocker Cat Waste Disposal Design

Uses round refill with Air-Seal technology
Locks in odours and bacteria
Each refill can last up to 2 months for 1 cat
Practical & hygienic
Easy to use system
Easy to empty system
Practical handle
Customizable with Fabric Sleeves
L 24.30 x W 23.70 x H 43.26 cm
1.275 Kg
1 LitterLocker Design Cat Litter Disposal System
1 Refill
1 Scoop
1 Scoop holder


What do you hate most about cat litter cleaning? It would be the smell of cat litter and all the litter pellets that get scattered all over the place, right? Thanks to Litterlocker’s cat waste disposal system, that problem is solved!

Cats demand a clean litter box which means frequent litter scooping. With the LitterLocker cat waste disposal system, litter box cleaning is a breeze; no more finicky litter box user, no more squeamish litter box cleaner.

So easy and quick, you might even get your kids to finally clean the litter box!

Live harmoniously with your furry companion, without the hassle and the odours associated with his litterbox. Get a cat waste disposal system by LitterLocker and you’ll also be getting a practical and hygienic fix to lingering and so unpleasant litter box odours.

Our cat waste disposal system was created to make litter box cleaning more pleasant by locking in odor and bacteria. Once you drop your cat’s waste into the bin, you seal the bag and you just throw it away once it’s full. For a single cat household, that can be only every two months, after which, you can easily install LitterLocker refill bags, and you’re set for another 2 months.

With the cat waste disposal system by LitterLocker, the smell of soiled litter is trapped; no embarrassing wrinkling of the nose from your visitors, no carrying waste bags outside every day, and above all, a bacteria and odor free home!

Also, just as concerning, if your cat’s litter box is not clean enough, your furry companion will likely choose to do his business elsewhere in the house.

By making litter box cleaning so easy and quick, LitterLocker’s cat waste disposal system is your assurance that this will not happen.

Easy to use and to empty, the cat waste disposal system by LitterLocker is your answer to a smelly litter box.

Why not make the litter box area even more pleasant by covering it with one of our 4 stylish fabric sleeves?

At LitterLocker, we aim to make litter cleaning easy and you and your cat happy!

Your cat’s litter box should be scooped every day; not only because of the strong odor of the cat litter, but also because of the chemical composition of the litter waste. Besides the hormones and pheromones your cat’s urine contains, know that the large number of bacteria in cats’ waste possibly contains parasites, all of which can be a health hazard. Toxoplasma gondii, for example, can be brought in from the cat’s environment, carried on its skin and coming out in his feces.

By cleaning your cat’s litter box every day, you reduce the risk of infection. Using the LitterLocker cat waste disposal system, it won’t be such a chore to do so.


Only 3 easy steps. Scoop the soiled litter. Drop it in the LitterLocker bin. Close the lid and seal the odours. The practical and designed bin is easy to use, no more daily trips to the outside bin.

Scoop it!

Drop it!

Seal it!

Why do some cats immediately go to the litter box after you have cleaned it?

The cat identifies where it goes to the washroom with felinine found in its urine, giving it its famous unpleasant odor. When you empty the litter box, the cat wants to ensure that his odor is still there. Many cats will also refuse to go to the washroom in a litter box that has already been used, and will therefore take advantage of a freshly cleaned litter box.

Air-Seal Technology included.

Air-Seal traps the smell inside! With multi-layer resistant bags, equipped with an odour barrier, thus making the system hermetic. No more odours of soiled litter! Breathe again with Air-Seal System!

4 inspiring models

We all have a favorite cat colour. For fabric sleeves, you are also spoiled for choice. Sold separately.


For a new look.

Paper cats

Because felines make us laugh.

Cat paws

Harmonize with your LitterLocker LitterBox.


For a touch of elegance.

Innovative features.

Includes one refill, a scoop and a scoop support.

Uses round refill with Air-Seal technology

Locks in odours and bacteria

Each refill can last up to 2 months for 1 cats

Practical & Hygienic

Easy to use system

Easy to empty system

With practical handle

Customizable with Fabric Sleeve

"My cat is getting older and it was doing more and more often its little needs everywhere except in its litter box... Since I'm using LitterBox by LitterLocker, it is cleaned as in its youth! I highly recommend it! Thank you!"

Julie Dubé

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