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Help your cat feel comfortable and at ease!

The new LitterBox Hood - the perfect solution for a cat who likes a little extra privacy or for an owner who wants to keep their designated litter space neat and tidy. The Litter Box Hood is designed to complement your Litter Box. It features a refined and unique finish that helps keep your home looking fresh and clean, all while doing the most for your pets’ happiness.

The Litter Box Hood is easily accessible with a lightweight and clear swinging door, which also allows natural light to come in. The hood smoothly slides on and off the Litter Box and is easily removable with an incorporated handle when its’ time to clean up. A scoop holder is conveniently located at the back of the hood for easy access.

LitterBox Hood by LitterLocker
LitterBox Hood by LitterLocker
LitterBox Hood by LitterLocker
LitterBox Hood by LitterLocker
LitterBox Hood by LitterLocker
LitterBox Hood by LitterLocker

LitterBox Hood by LitterLocker

Designed to compliment your Litter Box - Made to fit perfectly on top of your Litter Locker Litter Box.
Clear swinging door - The lightweight swinging door makes it easy for your cat to enter and exit the Litter Box, plus allows natural light to enter the Litter Box for your cats’ convenience.
Eye-level opening - Clearance above the Litter Box handles, so your cat can see what’s going on outside.
Designated scoop area - A scoop holder is located at the back of the hood for an easy reach when needed.
Easy to slide on and off of the Litter Box - Simply use the side tracks to assemble and lift for quick removal
Handle - Makes it easy to remove the hood when comes the time to clean your Litter Box.
Modern & Sophisticated Design - Keeps your home looking neat and keeps whats inside the Litter Box out of your sight.
L 58.80 cm x W 46.36 cm x H 30.07 cm
920 g
1 LitterBox Hood

Designed for cats and cat owners.

Your cat will love LitterLocker LitterBox as much as you do. Your love story will continue thanks to the design as convenient for you as it is for him.

Design approved by cats

At the front, the opening is low enough to allow easy entry of a medium size adult cat. Inside, it has enough room for its comfort. And the raised back wall helps to keep litter inside when your cat scratches to bury his litter.

Always the right amount of litter

With the litter level indicator, it's now so easy to keep the level perfect. Your cat will thank you. The glossy finish inside the litter tray also tells you from which direction to pour the litter.

Curved base for easy and quick cleaning

The complete design of the LitterBox has been researched and designed for ease of use and maintenance. Easy to clean for a satisfied cat owner!


This is true! Because they are in a vulnerable position when going to the bathroom, cats like to be able to see their surroundings in order to spot any potential dangers. However, this isn’t an issue with the LitterBox Hood thanks to the eye-level openings on either side of the hood. The best of both worlds for pets and owners alike.

Litterbox with dome.

Thanks to the unique roofless concept, the LitterBox by LitterLocker makes your cat feel safe. He can look around freely and have a 360◦ view of his surroundings.

Practical features.

Designed to compliment your Litter Box

Clear swinging door

Eye-level opening

Designated scoop area

Easy to slide on and off of the Litter Box

Top Handle

"My cat is getting older and it was doing more and more often its little needs everywhere except in its litter box... Since I'm using LitterBox by LitterLocker, it is cleaned as in its youth! I highly recommend it! Thank you!"

Julie Dubé

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