• 2020-11-19
  • LitterLocker

All cat lovers know the feeling, walking past the litter box and getting a whiff of that unpleasant odor! Or what about the unpleasant process of cleaning one.

What could possibly solve these unpleasantries? Well, You need the best cat litter box on the market. The one and only from LitterLocker.

Cats Love The Open Litter Box

As mentioned, most cat litter boxes are designed with a lid so they have privacy. However, we designed ours with an open top.

Did you know that some cats don’t like a covered litter box because it blocks their ability to scan their environment? The lid places your cat in a vulnerable position as they cannot visually defend themselves.

For the best cat litter box, opt for something that provides a 360 view of your cat’s environment. They should feel safe when doing their business.

Traps Odors and Bacteria

Your cat’s urine can be harmful to your long term health due to its hormones and pheromones. Your cat’s feces may also contain bacteria with infectious agents, as in the parasite that causes toxoplasmosis.

Thus, we have created a leak-proof cat litter disposal system that traps both odors and bacteria for you and your cat’s wellbeing.

Easy to Clean

The best cat litter box is one that is easy to clean. No more overflow or spillage of cat litter, the LitterLocker litter box is designed with you in mind.

Made with flexible edges, our litter box doesn’t spill over and is easy to transport. Cleaning it is just as easy with an integrated spout. Pour it out using the handles, it’s that easy!

Furthermore, with its sleek flexible material, our cat litter box can easily be washed down in the shower. Unlike most bulky boxes, this one is not a burden to clean!

An Aesthetic Design

Most cat litter boxes are not very nice to look at. Typically bulky and beige, it’s hard to integrate them with your decor.

Best Cat Litter Box

We have made the design of our cat litter box one of our priorities because we know first hand the frustration. Our modern litter box has an attractive design with a shiny pattern.

About LitterLocker Products

Our team at LitterLocker is made up of people who are passionate about feline friends. So, our litter boxes and accessories are made by cat lovers for cat lovers.

Founded in 2002, LitterLocker offers many products for cats, and our litter box is an innovative creation that is made to not only work efficiently but look good in your home.