• 2019-05-02
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Catherine Lapierre, an animal health technician and creator of the blog and Facebook page Mon Journal - Animal Health, gives you an idea of how litter boxes are maintained and how ideal they are.

Litter maintenance is one of the most important areas to ensure your cat feels comfortable when using it.

Recommended maintenance

It is recommended to clean the litter box at least once a day, that is, to remove the waste with a shovel. That's why I like to use a clumping litter that makes it much easier. This can also be done as and when, which is even better.

It’s common for a cat to immediately use its litter box after its been cleaned.. He prefers to use a litter that does not contain urine or stool!

Personally, I've been using a LitterLocker cat litter bin for years. It is always placed next to the cat litter box, which allows me to clean it in a few seconds. With this bin, you do not have to worry about bad smells or bags with holes that drop litter grains all over the house!

Even when I'm in a hurry in the morning, I can clean the litter box in a few seconds and head straight to work with no worries.In addition, the maintenance of the LitterLocker bin is very simple. It includes a cartridge of bags, which are very easy to change easy to change. Moreover, parents will recognize its operation, because its principle is the same as that of the trash bin.

Regarding the tray itself, it is recommended to clean it with a scented soap every 2-3 months. The plastic litter box, meanwhile, should be replaced each year.

Litter box location

As mentioned above, the cat must be able to see the danger and to be able to escape if necessary. It is therefore advisable not to put the tray in a closet, under a staircase, in a closed place in the rest of the house or at the end of a long corridor. You have to think about everything around the litter box. Avoid noises and overly busy places. Think of the washing machine and dryer, which can produce a variety of sudden noises, or even a furnace.

Also try to put the litter box where you go every day, so you'll think about cleaning it! If it's too well hidden, you might forget it. It is also advisable to place the litter box A reasonable distance from their food. It is not

If you have a dog at home it is advisable to position the litter box slightly higher or in an area where the dog does not have access. If you place the litter high and your cat is getting older, do not forget to adjust to help it a little bit.

If you do not have a LitterLocker cat litter bin yet, I recommend it! This Canadian company really thought of everything; it even offers the option to dress the bin with a fabric sleeve that will blend with your home decor!

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