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Protecting Your Furniture: How To Prevent Cat Scratching

Cat scratching behavior requires a renewed, evidence-based understanding of cats' natural needs and behaviors. It's an integral part of a cat's daily routine for valid reasons, including claw maintenance and stretching. Let's explore how to deal constructively with this behavior, while ensuring the cat's well-being and preserving the furniture. 
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What to do if my cat is affraid of people

Cats can display a range of personalities, from the most confident and adventurous to the most reserved and fearful. Fearful or self-conscious cats pose a particular challenge for their owners, who need to navigate sensitively to help them feel safe
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Can Cats Be Trained ?

It’s often been said that “cats don’t have owners, they have staff,” but in the past I never really bought into that way of thinking.  I live in a household of rescue cats, who are all well-mannered, and well “trained” kitties. Whenever I tell people that my cats have been taught how to behave and that they listen to what...
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Do Not go on social medias to resolve a litter box issue

As experts in cat behavior, we frequently receive requests to address a common issue: cats choosing to eliminate outside of their litter box. This particular problem accounts for nearly half of all inquiries we receive regarding cat behavior. However, when we are contacted, we often discover that we are not the first resource people have turned to for solutions.  Typically...
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The Importance of playtime

A phone call I get quite a lot in my practice is about cats who tear up the house, and/or who won’t settle down at night:  “My cat is ripping my house apart; he freaks out every day while I am at work.”  “My cat won’t let me sleep, she jumps all over me when I go to bed and...
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Choosing the Right Cat for you

Adopting a cat or kitten is a joyful experience, and if you’re like me, you would take them all home if you could. With so many adorable cats and kittens just waiting for a home, how do you choose the right cat for you and your family?     Choosing the right kitty for you isn’t as simple as adopting the...
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