The best soiled litter disposal system
that eases litter maintenance.

Lock in soiled litter odors and breath again.
Quick, clean, and easy to use.

Quick – Clean – Easy – Odorless
Cat lovers, LitterLocker is here to make it easier to maintain your favorite pet's litter. As a cat owner, you know that soiled cat litter can smell really bad. You thought that you had no choice but do with litter odors.
But now you can get rid of these bad smells for good. You can just pick the soiled litter and dispose of it in the LitterLocker pail and bad odors will be locked in. You will find on the LitterLocker II pail that includes a litter scoop and your free first refill.
Refills are made of a plastic multi-layer barrier film that uses the Air-Seal technology, thus making the system completely air-tight.